Meet Our Team

From the moment you call our office or walk through our door, each person you encounter is connected in a specific way to your companion’s care. We pride ourselves in providing you and your companion animals the best possible care and attention. In doing so, our team is comprised of highly educated, specifically trained animal lovers who can answer all of your concerns and questions with confidence.

We have the highest trained most experienced veterinary technicians on staff. All of our technicians and Veterinarians attend continuing education seminars throughout the year to ensure we stay up to date on all of the latest information and technology available to us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Rajeev Marwaha

Position: Lead Veterinarian

Educational Background: University of Rajasthan, India Class of 1987 Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Internship 1988, University of Rajasthan 1991, Master’s in Veterinary Science(Surgery & Radiology); Iowa State University 1997, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine ECFVG. After ECFVG, he accepted an Associate position in Darien, Illinois and began practicing as a small animal general practitioner.
Number of Family Companions: 1
Name(s) and Breed(s): “Millie”-Shih Tzu.
Hobbies I enjoy: I enjoy being out in nature on my free days, playing tennis, table tennis, birdwatching, traveling and playing poker with friends. I also love a good movie marathon.
Special things I have done with animals: Some of my most memorable experiences were helping to remove a fish hook from thoracic oesophagus, c-sections, bladder stones and repairing cranial cruciate ligaments. I have passion to find a solution for a problem even if it's at a personnel level with employees or clients. My biggest weakness is human tears or people crying when not able to afford care for their pets. I will treat a pet under any circumstances regardless of any constraint.


Position: Surgery Technician

Number of Family Companions: 1

Name(s) and Breed(s): “Oliver”

Hobbies I enjoy: loves going to Wisconsin, snow mobile and scooters

Special things I have done with animals: I adopted my dog from a client that could no longer take care of Oliver. I take care of several feral cats and working at Petnarian provides me a big support with health care of these outdoor cats. I love to assist senior citizens with their pet care needs and even at a personal level. I will go out of my way to their house and help with their pets if needed.


Position: Veterinary Receptionist

Number of Family Companions: 7

Name(s) and Breed(s): “Vader”– Shih Tzu; “Panda” – Sih Tzu; “Lola” – Sih Tsu; “Jerry”- DSH; “Cub”- DSH;”Finn” – Golden Retriever; “Kojo” – miniature donkey 

Hobbies I enjoy: hiking, skiing, agility, gardening, and biking

Special things I have done with animals: Throughout the year I collect household and monetary donations to donate to the local Humane societies. In 2018, I raised enough money to donate a huge cat tower to Humane Society’s free roaming cat room. I once rescued a puppy that was hit by a car, and I transported him in my truck back to the hospital to help him. I rescued a kitten on my property that was severely injured.


Position: Veterinary Technician
Number of Family Companions: 1

Name(s) and Breed(s): “Pebis”– Pomeranian 

Hobbies I enjoy: Working out, movies and eating out
Special things I have done with animals: Comforting pets and comforting clients is my goal every day. Helping a pet owner when they have a language barrier is one of my biggest joys. It helps the client understand a disease process and its treatment protocol. 


Position: Veterinary Technician & Receptionist
Number of Family Companions:

Name(s) and Breed(s): “Blue”– Pomeranian 

Hobbies I enjoy: painting, playing baseball, wine tasting, movies and eating out
Special things I have done with animals: I enjoy helping homeless animals find homes and help nurse sick animals back to health. Then I furthered my love for animals in helping with all kinds of different situations by either helping raising week-old kittens, fostering puppies at home or finding homes for our senior pets.